Production: Different Ways on how to be Sustainable

Sustainability in fashion can take place in various forms, designers simply have to discover and experiment with them in order to find the method most suitable for their work/ style or use.


In the book Sustainable Fashion – New Approaches by Kirsi Niinimäki (2013) explains different approaches fashion students and designers are experimenting with such as:

Reusing of Materials:

When Designers use fabrics of garments that are no longer being used/ never been sold instead of being sent in the land field. Most times such projects are up-cycled projects, therefore giving more worth to the material than how it first was.


Xinyan Dai – Sculptured Dress using second hand jeans

Green ways of production:

Printing and dying of fabrics method is one of the most harmful process of production, using the Digital Printing Method would result in:

  • up to 60%  savings on energy
  • up to 80%  savings on water
  • up to 90%  savings on inks
  • up to 90%  savings on colour waste
  • up to 70% reduced stock


Mary Katrantzou – Digital Printing on fabric Fashion Collection, 2013.

Classical Cut

Minimal and form fitting clothing that never goes out of style is a challenge designer could take in order to reduce waste that is thrown in the land field each year.


Livia Firth – Marks and Spencer Classical Cut Collection, 2015.

Zero Waste Technique

This pattern cutting techniques makes use of all the fabric material with no waste ending up in landfill. Such method may restrict the style.


Karen Jessen – Zero Waste collection, 2013.

Modular Clothing

Clothing that can transform for the needs of the owner such as a coat that can be transformed into a vest jacket.


Sara Tulli – Modular Dress made out of Patex paper, 2012.

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