History Development: Clothing or Fashion / Necessity or Luxury

History is not a subject most think of everyday, we say the ‘past is the past’ yet without the past and it’s events we would not be what we are today. Good or bad aspects could have been introduced and developed along the way and if one does not look at the past and analyse what was successful and what went wrong one will not be able to learn and possibly correct any mistakes made.


It is quite interesting to learn that the first clothing to be used goes way back to human evolution and that it had such an important role for various aspects. Apart from the fact that clothing was used by our ancestors to stay warm and dry in the ice age era it also made migration to colder and warmer countries possible.


The process of how different societies such as the Egyptians and Greek viewed clothing as a status symbol and how clothing and fashion continued to be status symbol throughout the 19th century by the wealthy.

fashion line

Ever since industrialisation took place and more people started working in the cities and have more money the middle class started buying or sewing clothing with the particular fashion of that time. It is fascinating to understand how women’s clothing most especially show the time and events of the past such as how from a big dark coloured dress worn with uncomfortable undergarments changed into mini skirts and bright colours in a couple of years.




PENDERGAST, S. and PENDERGAST, T. (2004). Fashion, Costume, and Culture; Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages. 1st ed. [ebook] United States of Americs: The Gale Group. Available at: http://www.kosstu.kz/static/uploads/library/gumanitar/english/g-e-49.pdf [Accessed 5 May 2016].



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