Ethics: Chapter 3 – Media and Mindset

Media plays an important role in our lives, we are constantly bombarded with political issues and celebrity news. But who chooses the issues to be featured? Who controls the knowledge of the people? Why do sustainability and other environmentally friendly issues are very rare?


There are several who work in order to pass a message in various ways such as through: magazine articles, photography, music as well as typography to name a few.

But as Miki Alcalde points out in the book Naked Fashion; the New Sustainable Fashion “people flipped through the pages of a glossy magazine and got their somehow- compulsory agenda-driven Sunday dose of ‘world issues’ then turned the page, didn’t consider changing their lifestyles, and so the cycle continues”.


So in a way media is portraying such stories and issues but as a society we are still choosing to be blind and act as if these issues do not exist, because at times if it does not effect our lives it is not out business.


It is in fact when a natural disaster strikes that we acknowledge the fact that we do not need to consume so much products to live and survive.


I believe that if organisations encourage more celebrities and political figures to support and put light on such issues more people would be ‘able’ and interested in reading articles and watch documentaries on such issues and then reflect on what they can do to make things better.


Minney, S., Watson, E., Siegel, L. and Firth, L. (2011). Naked fashion. Oxford, UK: New Internationalist.


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