Ethics: Chapter 2 – Fair Trade: Part of the Solution

I am ashamed to say that on various occasions I have bought clothing items which I did not need yet bought since their price was ridiculously cheap. How can one resist buying a dress for £10 or a shirt for £4!?!

Well now that I know better, when ever I  feel tempted to buy clothing with such price tags I envision a 14 year old child in horrible working environment, a mother who worked long shifts and still would not be able to feed her children due to the low wages, a society who is effected with all the negative aspects fast fashion left on their homes.


Girl working in textile factory.

Fair trade is part of the Solution so that a society in poor countries would be treated with respect and rewarded accordingly to their labour.

What ever one wears symbolises and represent the person, and if one is wearing ethnically made clothing that person is supporting and being ethical just buy buying and wearing ethnical clothing.


If you are shopping for a black skirt and see two very similar once but one would cost £10 and one would cost £15 which one would you choose?? Probably the cheapest..  But if you knew that the £10 skirt was made by that mother who is barely getting paid for her work would you still buy it?? Or would you choose the £15 skirt which has a tag of Fair Trade??


Fair Trade Logo

Unfortunately media does not cover such issues enough because if they did we would not need to say a product is Fair Trade because all the products being sold on shelves would automatically be Fair Trade.


Minney, S., Watson, E., Siegel, L. and Firth, L. (2011). Naked fashion. Oxford, UK: New Internationalist.


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